4 comments on “Meet the Camera: Olympus 35 SP

  1. Hi, I recently picked up an Olympus 35 SP, also without the spot meter button. I, however am a rank amateur with regard to old cameras and film photography (used to shoot a Nikon FM2 many moons ago, and getting frustrated with old eyes and digital cameras). So I was hoping you could provide more details of your repair, as I really don’t want to damage the camera. I am a decent woodworker, so the fabrication should be easy enough. In particular, how did the plastic plate get attached? Did you glue it on, if so, do you have a recommendation for what to use? Thanks, Bob

    • The fabrication was not complicated, as the spot meter is actuated by a simple lever; there’s no electrical connection to the button. I used a piece of black plastic as a backing plate, while the button assembly came from a Radio Shack mini-switch. Any appropriately small electrical push button switch should work; you’ll probably have to destroy the mount – I did – but you don’t need it anyway. Fit the button through the backing plate and you’re pretty much done. I simply super-glued the whole thing in after a final check to make sure it fit and actuated the spot function lever.

  2. Thanks, I did find some other descriptions that say the plastic piece was attached via 1 screw inside the top cap. I’m really not included to open this camera up, not a good candidate for a novice. I’d want to learn about cameras on some “throw-away” cameras first, before attempting this one. It doesn’t sound like a replacement part is available, but would be easy enough to fab something if I did get it open. I’m just reluctant to mess with a functioning camera for that feature. I might try a variant of your fix with a glue I know I can remove later. Thanks for the help – Bob

    • It could well be that the original button was attached by a screw or a nut, but we see how well that worked. Opening the 35SP is pretty much like opening most fixed-lens RFs of the period – quite simple, really; it’s what’s underneath that gets complicated. In any case, you should be able to fabricate and attach a button without pulling the top cover without any additional difficulties. Good luck.

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