A Few Words

As more attentive readers may have noticed, there has been a rather long pause between the last post here and today. The simple explanation is that the motivation to do most anything associated with photography rapidly diminished to the point that I had no interest in producing anything, words or photos. I left the cameras … More A Few Words

Photographs are Lies

Photography is generally considered the most realistic of the representational visual arts. No one expects sculpture, painting, or any other technique to be a perfect representation of reality, but one of the common measures of photographs is how realistically they portray their subjects. The color, the resolution, the detail – all of these are frequently … More Photographs are Lies

Happy Little Photographs

For readers of a certain age, The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross (currently available on Netflix, because somebody apparently thought this was a good idea) calls to mind a soft-spoken, perpetually smiling, and possibly chemically-altered white guy with an Afro that would have made the Black Panthers proud talking about “happy little trees.” This … More Happy Little Photographs