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7 thoughts on “Film Cameras

    1. Yes, the SFX is a fun and capable camera, though as I’ve noted, the limitations of its late 1980’s technology are clearly apparent when compared to modern equipment.

      What film and lens do you plan on using with your SFXn?

      1. I have a Sigma 28-80 f/3.5 which is the std lens I will use. I have a variety of other lenses but they are used on my K-5 digital and I’m not sure which will work on full frame.
        I’m going to get some HP5 I think. I got a developing talk from eBay fro £3 so I’m looking forward to developing my first film for about 20 years !

        1. I haven’t used that particular lens, but I’ve been happy with the results I’ve seen from my Sigma 100-300.

          Good luck with the HP5. I haven’t tried Ilford films – I’ve been sticking to Tri-X for B&W while I fool around with different color negative films – but they certainly have a good reputation. I’ll be interested to see the results.

    1. I use a hybrid workflow: I have the film developed at a good local lab, then I scan it myself. I don’t print much, but when I do it’s done with a pro inkjet. Eventually I’d like to do my own black & white development, but that’s not going to happen right now.

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