Bugattis Galore #3

Bugattis Galore #2

Bugattis Galore

Returning to the pile of photos taken between when my hiatus from writing here began and now, I decided the next batch I would haul out were shots taken over a year ago at the Lime Rock Vintage Festival (they’ve recently changed the name to the Lime Rock Historics, but I don’t like it, and since I’m the one doing the writing here, Vintage Festival it shall remain).

Each year features a particular marque, and in 2018 it was Bugatti. Not the new iteration of VW-owned Bugattis, but the real pre-war French cars. There were a lot of them, maybe 50 or so. It’s a pretty astonishing number considering they’re hugely expensive and 80+ years old, all the moreso because many of them were racing on track or driven to the event on public roads. They’re lovely cars, and it was nice to see them not in sterile museum conditions, but out in the wild, noisy, dirty, and being put to their intended use.

As usual, I’ll post a few sets of these. For anyone curious, I shot with two cameras: a Leica IIIc with a Canon 50/1.5, and a Canon L1 with a Nikkor 85/2. Both lenses are Sonnar-types, the idea being to maintain a consistent look across the photos. Color is Ektar, B&W is HP5+.