Your Humble Filmosaur is, as one might expect, a bit of a Luddite (look it up, Junior). Yet he is not entirely opposed to technology, but simply opposed to technology for the sake of technology. He recognizes that there are things that technology improves, and things that it ruins.

YHF is also belligerent and opinionated. Don’t like it? Tough. Go read something else. It’s not like the internet is short of bland, vapid, and trite reading material.

YHF is admittedly a hack when it comes to photography. I take pictures I like, and I try to improve my technique to address self-identified shortcomings. YHF is his own harshest critic. No, that is not a challenge.

So stay, look, read, comment if you like. Or don’t. YHF is rather ambivalent about the opinions of people he’s never met. You don’t want to know how he feels about most of those he has met.

13 thoughts on “About

    1. Thanks, Gianni, and I’m glad you’re enjoying it. I’ve considered getting myself a Zeiss Nettar or Ikonta more than once – they look like fun cameras to shoot with.

  1. You have some absolutely wonderful examples of cameras, it’s great to see the results they produce are still so beautiful as well. I find digital is a great medium but nothing beats the feel and look of shooting with film.

    1. Thanks very much. I’ve been lucky to acquire some great cameras, both film and digital. Both media have their places, but I agree that film is pretty special.

    1. Sorry about the unannounced hiatus (I’m glad – and a little surprised – someone took notice). Things have been a little busy, I haven’t been taking many photos, and the brain hasn’t been cooperative enough to write anything worth reading. I’m sure I’ll swing back into posting at some point in the not-too-distant future.

  2. Hi AEG and fans: I have my grandfather’s cameras – one Voiglander Bessa II, Color-Skopar 3.5/10.5 lens made in the 1950’s I believe. AEG has a blog post about this camera – it’s the same model. I also have two Leicas, probably one from the 1940’s and the other from the 1950’s. AEG, are you interested?

    1. Louisa, are you asking if I’m interesting buying these cameras? At this point I’ve already got too many cameras to use them all, so it’s probably not a good time for me to spend money on things I can’t put to good use. In truth I’ve considered selling the Bessa II simply because I rarely get it out; it’s a shame as it’s a great camera. It’s difficult for me to say anything about the Leicas without knowing exactly what models they are. I’m happy to have a look at what you have, and if nothing else I can perhaps give you some idea of what they might be worth. Is the email address you have associated with your comment a good way to communicate with you directly, or is there another that’s better for you?

  3. We are Luddites of the same stability. I would only suggest adding to The Manifesto, that is to use old cameras to make images because you want to, even if those around you either do not understand. It’s like physical labor, there is an enjoyment to be found just in the action itself, and that is independent of any other person.

  4. Found your blog when looking for info on the Olympus Pen and really enjoying your it – have now been looking back at previous posts, even though you’re on a little bit of a break. Thanks for sharing all the great camera info and photos. It’s a great resource, and your personality comes through!

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