From Away, Part 6

Of late I’ve become rather intrigued by the idea of negative space. I’ve found it can really increase the visual impact of a photo, especially with simple subjects and minimalist composition.

From Away, Part 5

If there is one thing with which Downeast Maine is associated, it’s lobster. You can’t go five minutes without seeing some reference to it. The lobster boats are everywhere along the coast, to the point that they are iconic symbols of the region. It would be a serious oversight not to include one here.

From Away, Part 4

Starting into the film now. I shot primarily black-and-white, along with a few rolls of color. I didn’t really shoot as much film as I expected to, but these things happen; it’s probably in part due to the fact that I brought too many cameras. Paradoxical as that may seem, I find I shoot more … More From Away, Part 4