5 comments on “From Away, Part 4

  1. I struggle with the same issues whenever I travel. For example, I’ve got a family trip to Glacier National Park coming up in less than two weeks. I still can’t decide on what combination of camera/lens/film/digital to bring. I think I’ve settled on bringing the Hassey with one lens and my digital camera with a 28-75 autofocus + a macro lens. But then again, who wants to pack all of that around on a hike!? Bah, it’s useless. Perhaps we’d be better off with a tiny 35mm in our pockets and be done with it.

    • I’m finding that one or the other of the Leica IIIcs is coming with me more and more often, in no small part because of its compactness. I’ve been surprised by how much I carry the XA4 as well, for the same reasons. I think what it boils down to, for me anyway, is the ratio between convenience and results. Most P&S cameras ultimately disappoint when it comes to the photos they produce and can be ergonomic nightmares or too limiting in terms of function, while many more capable cameras are big, or heavy, or awkward (or all three), and thus miserable to carry no matter how good the photos might be. The Barnack Leica with a collapsible or low-profile lens hits just about the perfect balance for my type of travel photography.

      Baggage allowances for air travel enforce some limitations, but for this trip I was in my car, which allowed me far too much freedom when it came to gear. The only answer is self-discipline, which is obviously lacking in my case.

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