The Accumulation Revealed, Part Deux (Point Quatre)

This will be the last “Part Deux” posting, as it represents the last batch of photos from this particular trip.

We’re back to the Leica & Summitar combination here. All together I selected eighteen photos out of somewhere around 180. This was not a predetermined ratio, but rather the result of a fairly lengthy culling process that pared it down first to somewhere around 30-35 photos, then into successively smaller groups until I felt it was as tight as I could make it and still preserve the integrity of the group.

I confess I am a bit curious about how this selection comes across to other viewers. Recognizing that, without seeing the photos that didn’t make the final cut, it’s hard to make an informed judgement, I nonetheless would be interested to hear your impressions. Do the photos work together as a group? In other words, do they help you to form an overall impression of the places and times depicted? Do they produce an emotional response as a group? Are there any photos that you feel could be removed from the final selection?

The Accumulation Revealed, Part Deux (Point Trois)

I’ll stop the faux French nonsense soon, I promise.

There were very few color photos taken with the Minox on this trip. I only used it when I felt color was indispensable to the shot, which wasn’t often. Consequently, this is a small set, and not particularly diverse. Nonetheless, I think it makes a worthwhile addition to the overall selection. Feel free to disagree.


The Accumulation Revealed, Part Deux (Point Deux)

I didn’t think the title of this through as carefully as I should have.

In any case, this is the second batch of photos that I set up in the previous post. The remainder will be up in coming days.