4 comments on “Meet the Camera: Yashica Electro 35 GSN

  1. I recently got one of these on the cheap myself and while it didn’t suffer from POD, the arrow mask was way out of alignment so that I couldn’t see the indicators in the RF window. But as you said, these are a snap to work on, given the plethora of information on the interwebz. Soon I was up and running with a somewhat disturbingly automated camera. I think it’s redeeming quality is the nice f/1.7 glass on it. Shooting indoors is no problem and the shutter is really quiet. I liked it so much I went out and got a Minimatic-C to keep it company. Nice write-up here. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks again for your kind words.

      You’re lucky about not having POD syndrome at the moment, but if it hasn’t been replaced – based on what I saw as far as the composition of the material – it will eventually fall apart. But as mentioned, replacement really isn’t hard, just a bit fussy.

      The automation bugs me too, but the lens is nice, at least from what the test roll showed. The shutter is impressively quiet, and the stepless speeds should nail exposures, at least when the meter doesn’t get fooled by weird lighting conditions.

      Have you seen any evidence of lens flare with yours? I read a few references to it, but I haven’t used mine enough to see if it’s really an issue.

  2. I looked for a shot into the sun, but I must have been being careful. This one was taken mid-day in bright sun and aside from the bromide drag from the stand development, I don’t really see any flare. The film is FP4 expired in 1981, hence the grain.
    Pampas Grass

    • That looks pretty flare-free to me – thanks for posting it. Next time I load mine up I’ll have to purposely shoot into the sun with and without the hood to see if there’s any difference.

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