4 comments on “Meet the Camera: Hexar AF Rhodium

  1. I just found an old autofocus one I can’t tell if the is actually works it doesn’t seem to be making any sound. I’m thinking about extracting the lens but how would I use it if there’s no focusing ring I’d need a helcoid.. I have a few old projection lenses and lenses from Little 8 millimeter + 16 millimeter projectors is there a way to make a cheap heliocoid

    • No sound at all? I’m assuming the lens isn’t moving, correct? Is there power anywhere?

      If it is indeed dead, and you don’t feel like trying to revive it, then pulling the lens is an option. I can’t be of too much help here, because I never got that deep into the mechanical side of the camera. My plan, however, was to pull the lens and then fit it to the body of an old 35mm LTM lens. This would have probably required a lot of fitting (my donor body was considerably slower than f/2) and experimentation, but in the end (theoretically) I would have had an RF-coupled helicoid.

      Absent a donor body, I’m not sure how best to proceed. In all likelihood the lens focuses in a helicoid on the Hexar – you just need a mechanical coupling to allow you to turn it from the outside. Maybe a cheap SLR lens of the appropriate diameter could be scavenged for a focusing ring, which could then be linked to the Hexar lens. Hard for me to say without having actually pulled the lens out. If you do, post photos of it and I’ll see if anything comes to mind.

  2. Terrence (and AEG), if you want to get rid of the camera: keep me informed! I have a fully functional one and I love it dearly. And I want to keep on shooting with one, so it would be really comforting to have a back-up in case this one fails 🙂

    • Will do. I’ve put a few rolls through it since I posted, and it’s been fun to use. Its long-term future with me is an open question, though.

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