12 comments on “The Filmosaur Manifesto

  1. Despite your tongue-in-cheek introduction, this is a solid post. Man, do I wish I had not started using Flickr as a dumping ground for all my photos so I can share them on the Web. Because what you learn from looking at my Flickr space is that 90% of my work is boring. The 10% that isn’t is buried. After 12 years it feels too late to fix that now.

    • Thanks, Jim. I didn’t want it to come off as anything more than my own statement, so I felt the introduction was necessary to convey that; if you and perhaps others find it useful, so much the better.

      I keep my Flickr account private, and only post individual photos when and where I choose. While it might be a huge task to go back and edit the existing account (I know it would be in my case), you could always set up another account for public consumption and switch your old one to private.

    • To add to the comments Jim, it looks like you can do a select all and make private.


      I know from experience that you can upload a new photo and make it private from the outset, but this still lets you share it in your WP blog and everyone can see it there. I do this all the time for photos I don’t want filling up my WP allowance, but also don’t want in my public photostream on Flickr.

  2. Bonjour de France… Starting to read your post I asked myself the question: are you reading one of famous books David Lodge wrote in a recent past… I mistaken myself because it was not a question of literature but … photograph- (er, y, ies, a.s.o) My english is far too indigent to develop something as a “tribune” here but just to say how much I deeply agree with yours “propos”.. It has been given to me to meet a great photographer in 1996 in Paris at the MEP ! I want to say HATTY van ZAK… She “gave lives” to hundred of pieces of Art (including the controversial ” TWELVE HOTEL ROOMS” ) but This just to pay tribute to HATTY because SHE still is a great PHOTOGRAPHER…. with her fascination for the POLAROID systems… TASCHEN made her some proposals but she refused because hooked at her INDEPENDANCE… Merci pour votre site I deeply enjoy. jean-pierre from Brittany -Morbihan-

    • Thank you for your comments, Jean-Pierre, and I’m glad you’re enjoying the site. I haven’t read David Lodge, and I only just now familiarized myself with Hatty van Zak – I can see where her work would certainly be controversial. It’s always interesting and informative to meet accomplished photographers; I’m lucky to have a friend who has been a working photographer for decades, who among other things was the official photographer for a well-known European head of state, and who won a World Press Photo award. Looking at his work certainly helps to inform how I see my own and others.

  3. I love this post. The intro seemed like it was going to be a tongue in cheek, humorous post, but the actual 11 points I wholeheartedly agree with. And they seem to be serious.

    Maybe another I would add, which I ponder often, is ask yourself a) why you share your photographs, and b) why you photograph at all. This is of course an ever evolving question – or rather it has an ever evolving answer.

    • Satire is a means by which we find truth, and a particularly effective one at that. The form may be humorous, but the message is serious.

      The point you raise is certainly a valid one, though I think the latter part is the more relevant. Once you’ve answered that, the former likely has been revealed.

      • I think I’ll post my latest thoughts on this as a blog post at some point. One of those topics that is worth revisiting and writing about every few months or so, or maybe even more frequently than that.

        • It’s certainly a subject that bears frequent consideration. Far too easy to become complacent and fall into easy, thoughtless practices.

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