4 comments on “The Siren Song of the Perfect 50

  1. Hi there! 50s have always been my preferred. Thank you for this write up. I am just in the process of building my LTM system. I will just shut up and take photos with the Industar 50/3.5 for now.

    • Everyone was there at one time; there are still plenty of times when I tell myself to stop obsessing about what lens to use and just go take some pictures. I started with a FED-2 and a Jupiter-8, and used those exclusively for a good while before the accumulation started. The little Industars are very good lenses – you’ll be fine, I’m sure.

  2. I like 50’s also, and have accumulated quite a few. I too seek a certain “look” from my lenses. Imagine my surprise when it came from a Minolta Rokkor SLR lens (55/1.9) that was bought for almost nothing in a thrift shop. Sadly I seldom shoot SLR’s Thank you for the enjoyable read and very erudite blog.

    • You never know when the magic is going to happen. I’ve heard good things about the Rokkor lenses. I’d love to have a similar story, but finding a cheap LTM lens happens about as often as finding pirate treasure buried in your backyard, and I don’t shoot much else these days. But hey, you never know what the future might bring. Glad you’re enjoying my ramblings.

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