4 comments on “Meet the Cameras: Minox 35ML and Olympus XA2

  1. Can’t say anything about the Minox but the XA2 is my all time favourite camera!


    It’s always with me and has given me lots of the best photos I ever took. One little thing that annoys me a bit is that you have to make sure the sliding cover is completely open or the shutter will be blocked. Even a tiny movement to the right and it won’t shoot. I usually support it with my left hand and my index finger stays on the lower edge of the cover, pushing it to the left.

    Apart from that (which might be a fault with my camera) the XA2 is simply the best camera ever!

    • Well, Frank, I’m not sure I agree with your assessment (in fact I’m pretty sure I don’t), but then personal favorites are just that – personal. It’s certainly a capable camera, but the lack of control bugs me, and while it works in some situations, the vignetting can be problematic. But I’m glad it works well for you. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts should you happen to come across a Minox 35 somewhere down the line.

      • Might try one! For me the lack of controls does not matter too much. I work with what the camera does and it does it’s thing fast.

        Each his own miserly camera in this tiresome film world 😉

        • If you want a full Program mode, be sure to look for a model that has it, as some are Aperture Priority only (see here for a breakdown: http://www.submin.com/35mm/collection/minox/). Personally, I prefer some control over the aperture setting and some indication of what the shutter is doing, but that’s just me. Finding one that works is the issue; unlike the XA2, the Minox 35 has a reputation for being, um, temperamental. Shutter problems are easily rectified, but the circuit boards can go bad as well, and then it’s curtains.

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