2 comments on “Meet the Lens: Canon 35mm f/1.8

  1. I had this lens for several years. It’s a glorious optic in its own way. It gives something of a vintage look with color film, owing to its moderate contrast, and really shines with b&w. Quite sharp stopped down, as you say. It tends to flare wildly when pointed at a light source, so shots through open doorways or windows may test your postprocessing skills. It’s a lovely lens, though, and quite tiny. Because the front element is deeply recessed I never needed a hood for it. In the end, I sold my copy and kept the later Canon 35/2.0, which is more modern and a better performer overall, even if it lacks the charm of its older sibling.

    • I considered the 35/2, but I’m a sucker for character (i.e., flaws). I haven’t encountered the severe flare you describe just yet, but it might prove useful for high-key images. I did find a hood for it, not because it needs it optically, but simply to offer some protection in case of a fall or bump.

      I think it will prove an interesting lens to use. I’m not a natural 35mm shooter, but with this and the wonderful W.Acall 35/3.5 at my disposal I need to start working more in this focal length.

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