2 comments on “On Experimenting

  1. I am not entirely sure I agree that digital has more choices than film. I leave my digital cameras set to RAW mode and auto ISO with a minimum shutter speed. All I need to worry about is metering correctly and choosing an appropriate aperture.

    With film, I constantly frustrated by having either the “wrong” film loaded, or having started the film with a suddenly problematic push or pull intention. I find the choices more problematic than with digital because they have to be committed to before shooting, rather than after.

    And in both cases I always seem to have the “wrong” lens fitted…

    And all of this stems from indecision about what I am shooting – rather than the camera 😉

    • With digital, the plethora of choices is always there; whether one chooses to consider or dismiss them is another matter. Both your method and mine serve to minimize the number of specific decisions to be made on a frame-by-frame basis, but we both know we could be doing far more if we desired more control.

      I’m not bothered by the limitations of film, in part because it’s just normal to me, in part because I only use a few different emulsions and I’m comfortable working with them in a variety of conditions, and in part because I usually have more than one camera with me, so I can always load something else if I really need to.

      The question of fitting the equipment to the sort of photography you’re practicing is an interesting one. I haven’t had too many issues with this, largely because my usual kit is very much a general purpose one, and my aims are often not terribly specialized. I also find the limitations of fixed lenses a very useful developmental tool.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment and share your experiences.

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