6 comments on “Meet the Scanner: PrimeFilm XA

    • Even when your target is web presentation (like, uploading pics to Facebook or a blog) the difference is there.

      You don’t need to get the latest and greatest, older stuff like Minolta Scan Dual is still relatively recent (e.g., has USB) and is still a large step up from flatbeds. Alternatively, if you already have some digital gear, you can take macro shots of your negatives on a light table. It’s certainly fussier than scanning, but the results are good.

      • I thought about buying one of the older models, but I’ve read enough stories of failures to have me concerned over the long-term reliability of a machine with an unknown history. Similarly, the macro setups sound like a good (and much faster) solution, but ideally I’d need a DSLR and a good macro lens, neither of which I currently have.

    • Happy to do it. I found some comments online, but not much beyond that. If you shoot much color film, some sort of dedicated film scanner will probably prove its worth quickly.

  1. Ha, SilverFast: you described it very well and the AI version is no better as it just adds more complicated hoops that need working through. VueScan on the other hand is quite good value and reasonably intuitive.
    B&W scanning is the bane of my life, so I sympathise.

    • I will give the demo version of VueScan a shot one of these days to see how it compares. That said, I’m really not unhappy with CyberView, at least for color film. The artifacts it produces with B&W are just odd, even with all the optimizations turned off – I have no idea what causes them. I’ve tried enough post-processing schemes to get my B&W flatbed scans to where I’m content with them, and I have no problem sticking with the flatbed for that work. It took a long time to get there, though….

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