10 comments on “Meet the Camera: Leica IIIg

  1. I was wondering who had snagged that up…wonder no longer. Congratulations, the rest of us are heartened, and chastened as well. Next time I won’t hesitate. And let me know when you get the 12-step meetings started – I’ve plunked for a IIIa and a IIIc in the past 30 days, and I’m getting worried!

    • I haven’t found a location for the meetings yet. The real moderating forces, it seems, are that I have a limited amount of money, a desire to continue to do things like eat, and only two hands in which to carry cameras.

      The IIIg has been getting a fair amount of use, and has lived up to my expectations; the VF is truly a major improvement over the earlier models, but aside from the parallax correction, it’s not much different from using my IIIc with the Voigtländer 50mm external viewfinder. In fact, the latter is quicker and more useful in street shooting, since the VF is 1:1 and you can shoot with both eyes open.

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