16 comments on “Meet the Lens: W.Acall 35mm f/3.5 LTM

    • So the focusing helicoid is simply frozen? Or is it something else?

      It’s not a hard lens to take apart, but you may not need to go that far. The helicoid is exposed from the back. First thing I would try is a couple of drops (literally) of Ronsonol lighter fluid into the helicoid to see if the frozen lubricant can be loosened up. Warming the lens with a hair dryer can help too (do NOT apply the heat after applying lighter fluid – Very Bad Things can result). Warm, apply Ronsonol, try to work the focus, repeat. See if you get any movement. If it loosens up, clean the exposed threads with more Ronsonol on a Q-tip, then apply new grease (I prefer synthetic high-temp automotive bearing grease, but that’s fairly heavy – some like a lighter touch on the focus).

        • And yes it just seems like the focus ring won’t move.. aperture work fine. Threads look good. This is m39 screw yes it’s to small for my m42 adapter

        • OK, slow down. The helicoid is the threaded collar that moves the optical block in relation to the lens mount and presses on the rangefinder cam in the body. It is visible from the back of the lens. There is a thin brass ring immediately inside the chrome lens mount. The brass ring extends rearward when the focus is turned. Place a drop or two of Ronsonol so that it will wick down between the brass ring and the chrome mount.

          If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to either disassemble the lens or send it off for a CLA. There are several well-known camera repair techs who can do that for you – check the forums (some are linked on my main page) for recommendations and reviews.

          This is a Leica Thread Mount 39mm lens. Rather than screwing around with adapting it to M42 and thence to some other mount, just get the right adapter. Every adapter introduces potential problems. Do it right. And don’t get me started on this “freelensing” nonsense….

          I can’t help you with the other lens – I know nothing about it.

          • Works awesome now. You saved the the day can’t wait it just messing with it I can see the color and contrast is going to be great . It will end up being a 70 mm on my gxr but which will be a great combo. Full frame is should be stunning. I did the same with the other and loosened u a bit.. can I put a drop or grease down the barrel to or need to take it apart..

            • Been readingby our stuff helps me out slot and reminds me when I was 14 just picked up my first Yashica mat and Pentax k 1000 out of a dusty file cabinet on our high school art room. And my teacher Ms Burkhardt said go ahead have some fun figure it out I never looked back…. changed my life

            • Glad it worked out. No oil, no grease unless you disassemble. If you take it apart, then a light coat of grease on the helicoid. Don’t be surprised if it stiffens up again after a while – Ronsonol is a solvent, and as it evaporates you may lose some of the ease of movement as the old grease rehardens. Just repeat the process, and keep working the focus – it should settle in after a while.

            • Cool thsnknyou once again as for grease they have some lubricant at the corner is that OK or should I get something better. From the bike shop..

            • The problem with cheap grease is that it can break down, in which case the oil can and usually will migrate into areas where you don’t want it, like the optics. A good quality synthetic grease is the way to go. A bike shop might be able to help you out – you want something synthetic, fairly viscous, and with high temperature resistance. Automotive wheel bearing grease can be good, but you need to make sure you get the high quality synthetic base grease. You’ll only need a very small amount.

            • Cool thank you Just got a old Russian Leica copy. M39 85 mm. Looks like brass and alum.. beautiful condition . Used to belong to customers father. Was selling but wanted to go to good homes too ( i like people eho sell their parents or grandfather gear they seem to have a lot more respect..too many greedy hipsters in Brooklyn just being crazy with gear prices……) gave me a bag full of weird stuff too. Slider duplecator. Lens hoods .converters.. Let you what I find..thanks for all your hellp. Where is your work posted

            • Happy to help. It’s always nice to get and use equipment that’s been cared for – feels like you’re continuing a tradition. I’ll send you an email.

              At the moment my work is posted here and sporadically on some of the forums I frequent (Filmwasters, primarily). I’m exploring some other options, but for the moment it’s here.

      •  Yeah The Operators fine just the focusing ring will not move  So you mean in between the focusing ring and the barrel from the back side right Whre the threads are.. is this the mount mount or m39 screw is there a way to cheat it on a m 42 mount..  Using gxr I figure just freelensing. It might get  some  interesting results until I get a adapter ..

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        • Also got a 135 mm telestar I believe it’s weird the lens seems to unscrew from the focusing barrel… then it show a long metal and glass like a dream MO d mount almost the barrel focus moves but very very tight.. should I use the same process you just explained well that hope will that help dampen the focus .. I guess some of these lenses for 1992 they put both on film cameras and Cinema cameras that l already had a focusing mechanism on them..

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