2 comments on “A Few Half-frames

  1. nice to see you out and about with that D3 of yours. still shooting that roll? I know I can spend half a year on a roll as I might forget it’s loaded on several occasions haha -oh, the Pen EES-2 I mean 🙂 it’s doing great by the way, and I’m part of #TravelingHalf so I’ll get to try the D3 too. hopefully I won’t get too much into it! but that Bulb mode sure is nice…..

    • Well, I did put a short roll through it recently, but truth be told I’m thinking of selling it. It’s a great camera for what it is, but the simple fact is that I have too many cameras and it’s just not being used enough to justify keeping it. I’ve got a couple other half-frames, both of which are automated in some way – which is not my preference – but they were both given to me by family, so they’re not going anywhere. I’m torn about the D3, because it really is the only half-frame I’ve ever had that gives me the control I want, but I’m just not using it. I hate selling cameras….

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