7 comments on “Meet the Lens: Voigtländer Snapshot Skopar 25 f/4

  1. I have one of these. Great little lens, I do t use it nearly enough really.
    I use a little Panasonic vf1 24mm VF with mine, it’s smaller and feels more accurate since it has frame lines 🙂

    • The Voigtländer finder I have has framelines as well, but it’s definitely on the large side. I don’t have a huge collection of wides – I’m really still acclimating myself to shooting with them – so this is getting a fair bit of use. I’m finding 25mm is a better complement to 50mm than 35mm, which is what I’d been using prior to this.

      • Ah, mine doesn’t have framelines… I wonder if it’s supposed to and they have been rubbed off or something.
        I’ve been playing with a 16mm recently, way wider than I’d normally think to shoot with… It’s hard work, but good fun!

        • And I thought 21mm felt almost too wide! Truth is, I’ve seen some really interesting stuff done with super-wide lenses, but I am not anywhere close to figuring out how to do it myself. I’m pretty hit-or-miss with the 21, which is one of the reasons I got the 25 – it feels a lot more natural to use to me. Not intending to stop trying to get better with the very wide focal lengths, but it’s nice to have something easier to fall back on when you just want to get the shot.

          • Me too… Been trying to emulate some of it, but I’m not convinced I’ll have done that well. Keep an eye out, I should get them in a few day. I shall be interested to see some shots you get with this!

            • I’ll be watching. I should have something on film from the Snapshot Skopar coming along relatively soon as well.

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