6 comments on “Meet the Camera: Olympus XA4 Macro

  1. I think there is a problem with the metering in your camera, not surprising given the condition you describe before you set about it. Congratulations on getting it going. I have never found a big problem with exposure inside or outside, whatever the weather conditions. See https://grumpytykepix.wordpress.com/2012/12/02/olympus-xa4/ . I just dug out my XA, XA2, XA3 and XA4 with the idea of selling them in an effort to reduce the number of cameras in our small flat. Disaster! After using them again, I’ll definitely be keeping the XA and the XA4!

    • Oh yes, I’m sure the metering is out of adjustment. I’ve been able to track down information on what to adjust, but I’m probably not going to bother cracking it open again if I can get decent results with simply adjusting the ISO.

    • The problem with mine was that the rewind mechanism was stuck, which in turn jammed up the advance and shutter cocking mechanisms. Unsticking it was simply a matter of cleaning out the rewind button and rolling the spindle forward until the normal advance mechanism engaged. If you have no power, I suspect you a facing a different problem. You probably need to do some disassembly and check for battery voltage. There is a service manual for the XA online that should give you enough info to start.

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