12 comments on “Meet the Camera: Voigtländer Bessa II

    • I’ve only put a couple rolls through it, all monochrome thus far. I’ve been quite happy with the color from my Perkeo, which has a Color-Skopar as well, so I have every hope that the Bessa will do just as nicely. Nonetheless, I’m sure I’ll be doing more B&W with it. Stay tuned.

    • Yeah, they do seem to be quite pricey in general. Whereas the Heliar version goes for silly money, at least with the Color-Skopar model there’s a chance of finding one that doesn’t require a second mortgage. I was lucky, though, in that I’d bought a couple cameras from the same shop before, so there was a pre-existing relationship that I’m sure helped with the price.

    • The Zeiss cameras are excellent as well, with quite a different design to the Voigtländer. Triplet lenses have a unique look – I have several cameras with triplets that I enjoy. I do not believe the Bessa II was ever offered with a triplet; the Color-Skopar was the base model, and it is of course a four element/three group Tessar-type.

    • Well, no, it’s not that big. 😉 Folded up it’s not too bad, but open it up and it’s not exactly what I would call handy.

  1. Wonderful camera! I am a bit jealous. I have a 1930’s Bessa 6×9 (pre-Bessa I) with a Voigtar uncoated triplet lens. It is a viewfinder with range focus, but I just love the images I get out of that camera. A coupled rangefinder would make things easier, but I’ll probably never stop shooting with this little piece of history.

    • Uncoated lenses are wonderful, especially with color. Have you tried Ektar in that camera? It’s my go-to color film for uncoated lenses.

  2. I believe the lowest spec lens offered for the Bessa II was a Helomar 105/3.5, which is a triplet (not sure why they didn’t call it a Voigtar or Vaskar, which were their usual triplet names). Its possible I’m wrong about this and the Helomar was an option on the earlier Bessa RF and not the II.

    • I’ve never encountered a Helomar on a Bessa II, but anything’s possible. My gut feeling, however, is that it was only available on the earlier RF. I’d love to see definitive evidence one way or another.

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