6 comments on “Meet the Camera: Fuji X-E1

  1. I’m (like you) looking for a digital camera that I can use with older lenses and that produces images more alive than my digital does. I’m looking to use it with one older lens but I prefer to use 50mm so I’ll be looking for a 30/35mm lens instead. But I’ll keep my eyes out for a XE1 body!

    • I’m normally a 50mm shooter as well. The 21mm on the X-E1 is a bit of an experiment – I’ve been trying to learn how to work effectively with wider lenses, and digital is very good for experimenting. The close minimum focus distance of that particular lens is useful as well. I have a Canon Serenar 35/2.8 that works very well on the X-E1 for those times when I want the 50mm field of view.

      One of the really nice things about the mirrorless digitals in general is that you can adapt virtually any other lens system to it, so whatever you already have can probably be used. The only lens I have that won’t work is my Jupiter-12 35/2.8, due the large rear element of the non-retrofocal design.

      • How does it work when focusing? You still have to put the lens to it’s biggest aperture, focus and then make the adjustments on the camera, right?

        The new fuji 35 1.4 also looks like a really fine lens.

        For me it would be even better if the X100 was a 50 and not a 35 🙂

        • The way I’ve been using it has been to set the camera on Aperture Priority. This allows you to set whatever aperture you like on the lens; the camera will compensate automatically, allowing you to compose, focus, and shoot. The process is very simple, especially with the focus peaking feature that was added in one of the firmware updates. There is also a 3x/10x magnification available in the viewfinder to aid focusing as well.

          I’ve heard good things about the Fuji lenses as well, but I really did not want to get into building another system. I like the concept of the X100 cameras, but I prefer the flexibility of interchangeable lenses.

  2. Are you still liking to use the X-E1 with older lenses?

    I’ve been using some of my old Pentax glass on my SLR the last days but I think it’s a bit too hard to get the exposure right when I look through the viewfinder. But I guess that’s a no-problem when using an EVF. Right?


    • Haven’t had much chance to use it lately, but generally yes, I’m still happy with legacy lenses on the X-E1. The EVF, plus the exposure meter, definitely makes exposure easy to judge. I’ve used it on Aperture Priority primarily, so exposure was not really an issue.

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