4 comments on “Some Thoughts on Fuji Superia 200

  1. You didnt fiddle with the white balance and such in post-processing on the second photo? I have shot only one roll of Superia ever and that was a test roll in a camera that (as became apparent afterwards) had a light leak. Perhaps I should give it another go but its magenta-leaning color palate does not really appeal to me, especially with skin tones and the color of clear blue sky.
    Actually the only film that gets the blue of the sky here in northern Europe correctly imo is Fuji Provia (and its repackaged cousin Agfa Precisa) 🙂

    • Nope, absolutely no fiddling in scanning or anywhere else. Scanned, removed dust, added border – that’s it.

      Like you, the overall magenta tone is one of the things I found unpleasant about Fuji’s color negative films in my early usage. When I ended up with a large stock of it (on sale here through a major chain for a price too low to resist, if only for use as test film), and started shooting it through different cameras, I found the results varied surprisingly depending on the lens. That’s what prompted further testing. I also believe that it is a bit less tolerant of incorrect exposure than some other color negative films, with the result often including a color cast, though I have not done empirical testing to prove this.

      It may be worth trying a few more rolls behind some different lenses – you may stumble across a combination that works better for you.

    • Yep, the Superia really does seem to work well with the Pentax SMC lenses, though I’ve also had similar results with a few others as well.

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