8 comments on “Meet the Lens: Canon Serenar 50/1.9

  1. Thank you for this great review. I’ve just bought one as well as a leica IIIF, but unfortunatly it does not seem to collapse fully into the body. Are you aware of such an incompatiblity ?

    • Mine collapses fully on my IIIcs and IIIg, so I suspect you have a problem with either the lens or the body. Does the lens fully collapse off the body? Take a look inside the body from the front. There are several light baffles in there that could come loose if improperly assembled; one of those could easily block the lens barrel if it ended up bent or out of place. Also, collapse the lens slowly; there aren’t too many places for air to escape from the body quickly, and pushing the lens in can generate momentary air resistance if done so too fast.

    • Well, it’s good that you figured out the problem, but not so good that the lens is bent. How exactly is it bent? It seems really hard to bend the barrel – is it a part of the mount that’s damaged? Depending on what’s wrong, it might be easily repaired, or it might be junk. If you can post a photo or two I might be able to give you some feedback on it; I’ve been inside mine, so I know how it goes together.

    • Yep, it looks like the barrel is bent in relation to the base. Not sure what your comfort level is, but if it were me I’d take the lens apart and see if I could identify exactly what is bent. You might be able to determine where the problem lies just by examining the locking end of the barrel with the lens collapsed. Repair will probably be tricky business, but you don’t really have a lot to lose.

      As for using it as it is, I think you’ll see a very uneven focal plane, with one or both ends of the photo being out of focus. It might work OK at small apertures, but even so I’d expect some distortion. I’ve had old folders where the lens was off-square by about a millimeter, which produced softness on one edge. This looks like it might be more pronounced.

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