7 comments on “Meet the Camera: Voigtländer Perkeo II

  1. Love my Voigtländer Bessa 6×9 folder. A Perkeo II just might hit the spot for a 6×6. Thanks for the write up. Throw a sample image from this one on the blog when you get a chance. I’ve yet to be disappointed by the Color Skopar.

  2. One of my favourite folders in fact it is my favourite 6×6 folder for its compactness. The lack of range finder is no problem either, especially if you carry a human range finder card that you can generate to suit your own arm and eyes and any camera using this freebie app http://tomchuk.com/misc/rf/


    • The portability of the Perkeo is really astonishing, and the ergonomics aren’t bad for a folder either. If you have trouble estimating distances, the tool in that link is very useful. Thanks for posting it.

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