2 comments on “On the Joys of Uncoated Lenses

  1. Hear hear!! I love shooting with my ’39 Voigtländer. I can look through my photos and instantly pick out those made with pre-war glass. The resolution, contrast and (when I use color emulsions) color all combine to give it the ‘look’, though I hesitate to call it “vintage” since I think it is just as relevant in today’s art photography as is the ‘modern’ look. Thanks for showcasing some of this wonderful technology.
    Young vines

    • “Vintage” is admittedly a bit of a loaded term these days. I agree that the look created by uncoated lenses certainly has place in modern photography, but it is still instinctively associated in my mind with photos taken in an earlier time. Preferred terminology aside, they are still certainly great fun to shoot with.

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