2 comments on “Meet the Lens: Canon 35mm f/2.8 LTM

  1. Just found this while searching for info on the Canon 35mm lens. Regarding the Jupiter 12, it could just be that some of the black paint around the rear element has chipped off – which is possibly the case if you’re using it on a Fed 2 (which has internal baffles the Jupiter 12 sometimes gets caught on).

    • I was hoping the problem was something as simple as the paint being chipped too. I was even more hopeful when I opened it up and saw that the paint was chipped. But alas, I touched up the paint, and the internal reflection is still there. I can see a spot where two of the elements in the rear group are bonded together where it looks like one is not polished all the way out to the edge – I suspect that is contributing significantly to the problem.

      Thanks for your input, and I hope the post on the Canon 35/2.8 was helpful.

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