5 comments on “Shall We Play a Game?

    • I was mostly guessing. I didn’t realize that I had guessed the same as Derek. I was basing my guesses on this. I figured in order of sharpness/contrast (lowest to highest) they would be Fed, Jupiter, Industar. Having said that, I did not go back and really study the tests you did. I was kind of going from memory/intuition. Now though I am curious and will go back and see where I went astray.

      • Actually your guesses were different; I thought they were the same as Derek’s initially, but then I noticed that he numbered his guesses non-sequentially.

        Obviously, I knew the answers, but I was trying to select pictures that might offer some sort of clue. I can see where the Industar and Jupiter lenses might be hard to tell apart in these sorts of photos; the Jupiter really only clearly distinguishes itself up close. I did feel that the out-of-focus areas of foliage in the FED 50 shot, especially out toward the edges, were perhaps the clearest example of a “lens signature” in these samples.

        I will be interested to see your analysis.

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