5 comments on “Soviet 50mm Lenses Compared, Part I

  1. Interesting to compare these lenses. I have a zorki 4 with a pretty poor lens but I remember having a 58mm screw in lens on the first SLR I owned a Zenit B which at the time I thought was pretty good.

    • My experience with Soviet lenses has been generally good, though I know some have gotten poor examples. The photos I’ve taken with the Jupiter-8 in particular have been quite nice; it is a wonderfully accessible way to get an LTM- or Contax-mount Sonnar-formula lens, which would otherwise cost several times as much.

  2. I have all 4 of these lenses all 4 from early 60ies mounted on Sony Nex (don’t have the RF yet). Although my copy 52mm f/2.8 lens says Fed I-61 (assuming it’s short for Industar 61 L/D but Industar 61L/D is 50mm). Been playing with J-8 and Elmar copy of Industar a lot lately. Really enjoyable lenses.

    • Yes, the Industar-61 L/D is the follow-on to the I-26M – similar optical formula, different glass. It has a reputation for being quite sharp and producing a bit more contrast than the I-26M. I don’t have one yet, but I may pick one up at some point should the opportunity arise.

      Having the selection to choose from, I find it interesting to see how differently they handle, as well as the differences in the images they produce, of course.

      • From the initial indoor shots – it looks like I-61 has better color resolution and is slightly more contrasty than J-8, but J-8 excels at details and produces sharper images. Looking through the glass on my I-61, i do notice something that looks like early stage of fungus growth on second element, and also coatings in the center of first element also seem worn off. So, lack of sharpness and details could be direct result of that. My copy of J-8 as well as Elmar copy Industar – are spotless.

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