5 comments on “Success!

  1. Congratulations! And a vintage car, too. What could be better. I used to develop in Caffenol, too but I’ve now switched back to Rodinal as it’s even less work (no mixing of chemicals).

    • Thanks very much.

      I decided to go with Caffenol simply because around here we use septic tanks rather than sewers, and I was a bit leery of dumping various chemicals into the ground water. That plus I don’t tend to tolerate chemical odors terribly well; I’m not sure what if any smell the traditional developers produce, but I figured a coffee-based one couldn’t be too bad.

      • Fair enough. But Caffenol is one of the developers that smell worse. Not that I know much, I pretty much only used Caffenol and Rodinal.

        As far as toxicity goes, AFAIK Rodinal 1:100 isn’t worse than Caffenol. And as long as you don’t dump the fixer you’re (mostly) fine. But of course, properly disposing of it is even better.

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