Another One Bites the Dust

That title’s a bit of an overstatement; no dust has actually been metaphorically bitten in the narrow sense, but I have sent another camera out into the Great Beyond to find more use with a new owner. Having already spilled countless electrons here on the problem of having too many cameras to use, and knowing full well that more will come my way no matter what I do, I have been trying to make some hard decisions regarding which cameras actually belong in the “collection” and which ones are simply visitors, temporary lodgers staying for an indeterminate period but ultimately destined to move on.


Giving it some thought, my Canon Canonet QL19 clearly fell into the latter category. I don’t have a bad word to say about the camera; it was quite pleasant to use and had a good, fast lens, and I took some rather nice photos with it. But when placed alongside the other potential choices in my Big Box O’ Cameras, it was never going to be the first one chosen. For its sheer flexibility and my personal affinity for it, the Canon P outfit has pride of place at the moment, and I see little chance of that changing anytime soon. With the arrival of the Konica III and the continuing presence of the FED-2 – neither likely to depart for various reasons – my rangefinder needs are pretty well covered. So the QL19 was placed up for sale, purchased by a buyer halfway around the world in Australia.

While a good chunk of the reasoning behind its sale was simply to keep the accumulation to a controllable level, there was also the familiar rationalization that sale of one thing allows you to buy something else, and I’d become mildly obsessed with trying out at least one different LTM 50mm lens for the Canon P (nothing wrong with the trusty Jupiter-8, but choices lead to questions, and questions need to be answered). Rangefinder lenses aren’t cheap, so there was going to be precious little buying and a lot more obsessing unless and until I refreshed the photography slush fund. The proceeds from the sale of the Canonet have already been spent (and then some) dealing with this latest little GAS outbreak, but that story will have to wait for another time.

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