5 comments on “Overseas Adventures in, with, and on Film

  1. What a reality when travelling! In the past you could get a plumb protector for films from X-rays. Now impossible to find. I try to adjust to this faster ‘modernity’ doing concessions to myself …not always I get peace in my soul 🙂

  2. Traveling with film can indeed by difficult. But it’s so worth it in the end! Plus, not all film cameras need to he heavy–I carry my Olympus XA2 in my pocket, and there a lot of fixed-lens RFs that are relatively small and light.

    • Oh, it’s all true. Looking what I got on film versus digital, there’s no contest in my mind. As to the size of the camera, I do have fixed-lens cameras that are much easier to carry than the Canon P I took with me – I took my Rollei 35 the last time I went to Europe, and I’ve got a couple of folders that are even easier to carry – but I wanted the flexibility of interchangeable lenses. Still, compared to an SLR system, the Canon plus lenses was relatively compact.

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