2 comments on “Details: Kodak Retina I

  1. ahhh my dad gave me his old Retina. Of course throughout the years I never really took any real care of it and it isn’t so good anymore. I don’t even think it would take a good photo. In saying that ….we still shoot with film and we love love love it! Thank you for this post. Brought back memories:)

    • Glad you enjoyed my look at the Retina.

      I bet you could get your dad’s old Retina back to work without too much trouble. I think you might be surprised at how robust they are – I know it’s a cliché, but they don’t build things like that any more. Mine needed only a little cleaning to get it working, and the more it gets used, the better it is (lots of old cameras are like that). If you’re interested, a really good site for info on these cameras is

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