4 comments on “Meet the Camera: Voigtländer Vito

  1. I love the big red logo on the front! My Vito II didn’t have that. I personally didn’t like the shutter button on the camera door. I like the traditional position on top (like on my Retina IIc) much better.

    • It’s a funny thing about the shutter release: I expected to hate the bar on the door, but it seems so natural that now I find myself reaching for it even when I’m using the Retina. Not that I dislike the more traditional button on the top plate, but the bar on the door just works really well for me. Plus the action of the Voigtländer button is much lighter than the button on the Retina, so there’s less risk of camera movement.

    • I agree, they are very nice to use, and the attention to detail in the design shows both when the camera is open and closed. The smooth shape of the case and lack of protrusions make it an ideal pocket camera.

      The feeler spindle arrangement of my Vito does make me slightly nervous, if I’m honest, but it seems to work reliably now that I’ve serviced the whole gearing mechanism. It is not at all tolerant of dirt or old oil/grease contamination.

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