8 comments on “Meet the Camera: Kodak Retina I

    • I think it is better for my personal type of photography, but as we worked out the exchange the PEN’s new owner seemed equally enthusiastic about the prospect of using his new acquisition. It really all comes down to what you want a camera to do to facilitate your photography, I suppose.

  1. Very nice! I do love folding cameras. Be it in 35mm or 120. I have a Kodak Retina, too. But mine is a IIc so it has a f/2.8 lens AND a rangefinder. And then there’s the Zeiss Ikon Contessa. I have no idea what Zeiss was thinking when they designed that one. It’s beautifully made but oh so cumbersome to use.

    • A faster lens and a rangefinder would certainly be nice additions, though I suspect they also make your IIc a bit larger than my I (especially the rangefinder). Truth be told, as much as I love the accuracy of a good rangefinder, I don’t really find it necessary most of the time; practice with my Rollei 35 has made me pretty adept at estimating range.

      The one really cumbersome bit about the Retina I is the depth-of-field scale, which is on a separate dial on the bottom plate rather than being on the lens body. Quite annoying to have to flip the camera over completely when you are trying to set up your shot, plus, for some strange reason, the DOF scale is marked in feet and the lens is marked in meters, so you have to do math on top of everything else. I hate math.

      • Personally I never got comfortable with zone focusing so the rangefinder helps me a lot. And it is big! It is as high as my Zorki 4K and almost as wide (maybe 1cm less). Too bad I sold my Voigtländer Vito II (because it is zone focusing only). That one was small and light, too.

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