5 comments on “Meet the Camera: Kodak Brownie Flash Six-20 Pinhole Conversion

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  2. was just looking for this exact topic..I make a lot of pinhole cameras from Wood 4×5,5×7,8×10 & more but I like to convert cameras also..was just getting ready to do this camera when I saw your post..Do you get any vignetting from the lens being this far back from the front? I like your images just curious about this!

    • No vignetting to speak of. The pinhole isn’t really too far back behind the forward edge. I did have to Dremel the lens surround ever so slightly to knock off two tiny bits that were intruding on the frame, but they were so small as to be easily cropped out or simply ignored.

      Please let me know if you have any other questions.

  3. I was looking at your efforts to modify a Hawkeye for a pinhole on APUG when I saw your Flash Six-20 modification. Wow, I had a Six-20 Special with a sticking shutter I couldn’t fix. Since it worked on bulb OK I tried your conversion. Well, I still need to add a cable release. I used an existing 0.3mm pinhole instead of the one you used (0.368mm). That, and challenging exposure timing, resulted in less than satisfactory results! I’ll try a larger pinhole next. Thanks for the information!

    Roger Vaught

    • Glad it was useful to you. As far as exposure timing – at least for B&W – I’ve found that giving it more rather than less is usually best. I’ve had plenty of underexposed pinhole shots, but virtually no overexposed ones.

      For pinhole sizing, I used this site: http://www.mrpinhole.com/calcpinh.php

      Good luck!

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