4 comments on “Meet the Camera: Kodak Brownie Hawkeye Flash

  1. I just bought a Hawkeye on ebay with the plan to refurbish – My original thought was to just paint the plate but when it arrived there were chips incurred in the bakelite body during shipping (the seller actually just stuck the camera in an envelope and mailed it). So I was thinking I’d superglue the pieces back on and get some epoxy fill stuff if needed – then if the body looks bad maybe paint the whole camera. My problem, in any case, is what the best paint would be. I’ve searched like crazy and am now more confused than when I started looking. So if you don’t mind my asking – what paint did you use? Can’t wait to use the camera to see if it actually works – your shots look great! Thanks, Doreen

    • As I recall I just used a standard spray paint that I had on the shelf. As always, surface preparation is key to the process. However, the small section that I painted is aluminum, and easy to prep, whereas the Bakelite body is a bit trickier. If it were me, I’d epoxy the chipped areas (I don’t like super glue in most applications, and I prefer not to apply one adhesive over another), sand them smooth, then scuff sand the entire body with #320, degrease the surface, then spray it. I’d probably start with a high-build epoxy primer (try an auto paint or possibly an auto parts store), then cover with color in multiple thin coats, sanding in between as necessary. The body doesn’t flex much, so if you can get the paint to stick it should stay on in normal use.

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