4 comments on “Film: Lomography Redscale

  1. I just fired off three rooms of redscale 50-200 120 film. while I knew going in, this was/is experimental, I found a few things that I don’t really like. one is that one roll was warped like it was exposed to water, second was a large number of unexplained steaks and other artifacts that appear like light leak, but they aren’t consistent from one frame to the next. ultimately my lesson learned is save this stuff for experimental endeavors, and use other film for more expected results

    • I never tried the 120, so I can’t comment specifically on that, but certainly it is experimental. More recently I’ve re-rolled standard color film (Fuji Superia 200) backwards and done redscale that way. I’ve found I prefer massive overexposure, like throw the aperture wide open and shoot around 1/125 or 1/60 in bright sun – figure about effective ISO 6.

      As far as your issues, I have no idea about the roll that appeared water-damaged, but I will say that light leaks can be quite inconsistent depending on conditions, so it is possible that that’s exactly what happened.

      • I’m pretty sure the issue is with the film itself. other rolls shot lately are fine, no light leak your issues at all. and indeed, letting tons of light in really does make the difference.

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