2 comments on “Meet the Camera: FED-2

  1. HI:

    Thanks for your notes on the Fed-2. I own a Fed-2 and a Fed 3 (also a Lubitel). I bought them
    because they were a good value and they look kind of like a Leica. I learned photography more or less in my high school years using an Argus 21, which looks kind of like an Argus C-44.

    Cameras without batteries seem to be quite reliable, even though they are old.
    I also use a Leningrad 4 selenium-cell light meter (again, no batteries!).

    The photos taken with the Fed are just fine. I have all sorts of other camera gear but a rangefinder
    with a 50 mm lens does really well.

    Chuck Young

    • There is a lot to be said for a simple rangefinder with a 50mm lens, especially in this day and age of technology-driven camera equipment. The Soviet stuff may not be as polished as a some Western equivalents, but they can certainly produce comparable results.

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